Sally Brody 2015

Sally Brody


January 27 – February 21, 2015

“PRINTS” by SALLY BRODY, monotypes and etchings made at the Gallatin Press. New York. The Gallatin Press created and operated by printer Steve Sorman in Ancram, New York. At the press she made monotypes by painting in watercolor on a slick surface, letting the paint dry and running it under the press on a piece of wet paper. After working in monotypes, she worked in photopolymer intaglio printing where a drawing is etched on a plate, ink forced into the depressions made by the photo etching process and pressed into a wet piece of paper

“I am particularly excited by the contrast between monotypes which build on the unexpected, and intaglio printing which is precise and exact, like the opposing qualities of nature that make it so exciting and transport the imagination- hurricanes that destroy contrasted with the intricate calm of a flower.”