Mary Anne Warner

Mary Anne Warner

  • warner5

    Spring Orchard, 18” x 24", Pastel on mounted paper

  • warner6

    Afternoon at Fletcher’s Boathouse, 16” x 12”, Pastel on mounted paper

  • warner1

    Fog in Oregon, 24” x 30”, Oil on canvas

  • warner2

    Little Falls, 30” x 44”, Oil on canvas

  • warner3

    Great Falls, 18” x 24”, Pastel on mounted paper

  • warner4

    Autumn Grass, 16” x 18.5”, Pastel on mounted paper

Mary Anne Warner

For many years my work has focused on the landscape. I have always been drawn to the effect of light on nature and how it articulates the many textures within a particular scene. In recent years I have been developing my compositions from color plein air sketches executed in pastel. My goal is to excite the viewer visually while communicating a sense of place.